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What to consider when buying garden furniture?

By June 21st, 2022News & Events

What to consider when buying garden furniture?

With March, spring has officially arrived. Many people start to beautify their gardens at this time of the year, and they realise that they could do with a set of garden furniture for a group of friends to gather on a pleasant sunny afternoon. What to consider when buying garden furniture? Roland Nagy, retail manager at Wellis, will help you with this.

A stable structure is important

Garden furniture has to withstand harsh weather conditions every day. The most important factor in making a decision is the material of the furniture, as each one requires different care.

”Once you’ve made up your mind to buy garden furniture, you should look at the design of the supporting structure. Wood needs constant care, while plastic can be ruined in a short time. Instead, opt for a sturdier material such as aluminium, which can now be painted in a variety of colours – so don’t expect just the usual silver colour for furniture”, says Roland.

Treating additional elements is also essential

If the frame is sturdy, it’s half a success, but the material of the cushions and external surfaces must also have durable qualities. In Roland’s opinion, teak can be an excellent choice, since it is not only weatherproof but also has waterproof properties. In addition, it is important to mention that it has a high oil and rubber content, so even if you miss treating the surface every year, the furniture you buy will still not fade.

You should also choose a textile that is water repellent, easy to clean and can easily cope with the sun’s UV rays. The material Olefin has these qualities – and it has recently become a very popular fabric for garden furniture.

Size is not a negligible factor, either

The bigger the better? You don’t necessarily have to buy a sofa set for 6 or 8 people right away. Instead, start small and choose a product family that can easily be extended.

”Wellis offers several families of garden furniture that can be simply combined and bought by the piece. It’s worth buying a set for 3 or 4 people first, and then – as the number of friends or family grows – you can add more items”, said Roland.