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The sense of nature

By April 29th, 2024Hot Tub Highlights

The sense of nature

Wellis’ new campaign slogan is “The sense of nature”

In the last quarter of 2021, Wellis Magyarország Zrt. created the slogan “The Sense of nature”, which faithfully reflects the company’s attitude to the issue of sustainability.

2022 will be about “The sense of nature”

Thanks to Wellis’ wide range of products, everyone can find a personalized accessory to make wellness experience an unforgetful part of everyday life. Our hot tubs can be used in an environmentally friendly, water- and energy-saving way, and our saunas with hemlock pine cover and heavenly scented sauna oils gives us “The Sense of Nature”.

Of course, this is also reflected in our latest product line, which we have been developing for more than 3 years. Countless licences, thousands of workhours, and a multitude of our own innovations that we are already extremely proud of will be represented in our new models. Faithfully to our company, we want to introduce perfect, user – friendly and environmentally friendly products to the market, as it is increasingly important today to pay attention to the needs of our customers, but at the same time protect our Earth. We hope that during the summer, everyone will get to know these highly energy-efficient pools, the primary goal of our company is to provide the same or even better wellness experience for our customers using as little energy as possible. There will be significant changes in the technological structure of our pools, and they will also get a renewed design.

What have we done so far to protect our environment?

Wellis has gradually switched to the use and recycling environmentally friendly materials. For recycling, it is essential to selectively collect and recycle as much industrial waste and used equipment and components (such as water purifiers) as possible, and to reuse granular or powder-based extruders produced with stabilizers, dyes, and other additives. For this reason, we have acquired a special plastic grinder with which we can apply this technological innovation.

Wellis is not deterred from technological change for more efficient and sustainable recycling, which is why the production of polyurethane foam has replaced glass fibre processes in the production of some pools.

Developments that reduce energy demand are already essential when designing products. This should apply in the same way during the manufacturing process as during use. Wellis votes for more fuel-efficient pumps and is constantly improving the thermal insulation of its pools, which can be improved to achieve the same or higher customer experience with significantly lower heating output. Our development team is currently working the world’s most energy-efficient pool, which will be able to halve current energy consumption. It may seem like a small thing but reducing the use of materials in acrylic bathtubs can lead to significant savings in bulk and in the long run. We use 10-12% less plastic per year than our competitors due to our technical innovations. We also reuse the packaging from suppliers and the reuse of pallets that are no longer used instead of being scrapped by regenerating them as energy produced in incinerators. Due to a similar principle, a heat pump system capable of partially recycling the residual heat of the extruder plant was built, which significantly reduced the heat demand of the technology with external supply.