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By April 29th, 2024Installation Stories


Debbie from Maidstone

Our customer Debbie, a passionate swimming coach from Maidstone, was searching for a home alternative to her local swimming pool for her personal use before lockdown.

After a tainted experience when looking into purchasing an ‘Endless Pool’ she decided to expand her horizons and look for something else.

“A Swim-Spa seemed like a great solution,” she said.

“I began my research and, due to lockdown I had time on my hands, but nobody was advertising Swim-Spa prices online apart from Johnsons,” she explained.


Debbie, who is no stranger to the world of sales having been an experienced executive in the past, knew exactly what she was after.

“I sourced the make and model from Johnson’s website and began researching the manufacturer Wellis, to make sure it was exactly what I wanted.”

After a thorough selection process, Debbie decided on the Wellis Danube W-Flow, benefitting from 24 jets, LED lighting and 3 powerful pumps.

“Speaking to Paul, who was lovely by the way, I explained how I wanted to see one before buying but did not want any sales pitch as I have done my research already. Paul said that there was a model at Johnsons’ Chestfield site that I could visit, although due to COVID restrictions I could not wet-test it.”

A Johnsons Sales Manager met Debbie at Chestfield and as promised showed her the Swim-Spa, answering questions when asked with no sales pitch.

“I appreciated that,” she said.


“And Johnsons are the only company that offered me a site survey to make sure the Swim-Spa would fit in the garden! No other company offered me that service!” she exclaimed.


Before the arrival of the swim-spa, Johnsons’ team installed a reinforced concrete pad. The team subsequently arrived to deliver and commission the Wellis Swim-Spa then set about building bespoke robust steps for easy access when entering and leaving the pool.

“Matt made a great job of them, making them wider than normal so I have plenty of room,” Debbie said.

“I am so happy with my Swim-spa I am in it almost every day, and apart from swimming, you can do other resistance exercises as well against the jets. My husband even uses it regularly although he showed little interest, to begin with,” Debbie continued. “When the grandchildren come round, I use the Swim-Spa to teach them correct swim technique, which is so much easier than the public pool with its many distractions.”


“I am so happy with my Swim-Spa, I can thoroughly recommend Johnsons and Wellis,” she said. “And more than happy to say so.”