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Can a Hot Tub help you lose weight?

By April 29th, 2024Hot Tub Highlights

Can a Hot Tub help you lose weight?

Can a Hot Tub help you lose weight?

It’s a new year which means everyone has signed up for the gym, but there are other ways to lose weight. There are the usual methods such as; changing your diet, going for a run or swimming. Although taking a soak in your hot tub alone isn’t going to make you reach your new weight goal, it can assist you in getting there if coupled with the right workouts. 

Hydrotherapy provides many health benefits as well as fitness benefits on its own and will support other healthy habits. Recent scientific evidence shows relaxing in a hot tub can improve your sense of well-being, support athletic performance and can even increase cardiovascular performance. If you suffer from health problems such as osteoporosis, carpal tunnel, poor blood circulation or other chronic diseases, you may benefit simply from using a hot tub on a regular basis. 

When combined with weight loss methods such as dieting, regular exercise, and practicing a healthy lifestyle, soaking in a hot tub can improve your chances of reaching your weight loss goals. 

The benefits from using a hot tub are not only likely to help you control your weight, you will also enhance your well-being and health. Some ways in which soaking in a hot tub can aid your weight loss goals are as follows:

  • Promotes an alert mind and healthy body, which are important to losing weight
  • Relaxes your body and mind
  • Reduces stress and risks for insomnia and restlessness
  • Helps your muscles to recover
  • Eases muscle and joint discomfort and soreness especially after exercising
  • Soothes muscles and joints to help improve flexibility and increases your ability to move freely
  • May improve health conditions, including diabetes, arthritis and multiple sclerosis, which may hinder your weight loss plans

Does a hot tub burn calories?

Studies have shown that relaxing in hot water for an hour can burn 140 calories. It may not be the fastest way to burn calories, but it certainly is the most relaxing way! Alternatively you can use a Swim Spa to achieve your weight loss goals.

A Swim Spa has more room so that you can complete exercises and stretches whilst being emerged in hot water, they also have a built-in jetted swim current system. 

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