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What is Plug & Play?

By April 29th, 2024Sauna Highlights

What is Plug & Play?

Most Hot Tubs require a 32 amp electrical connection, however this can be inconvenient for some and means that your Hot Tub cannot easily be moved after installation.

The solution? Plug and Play Hot Tubs!

These models are powered through a standard exterior plug socket; simply fill the Hot Tub up with water, plug it in and away you go!

Plug & Play – What You Should Know

Plug and Play models and 32 amp ‘hardwired’ Hot Tubs operate very similarly. The main difference is that with Plug and Play models, the heater will not operate when the hydromassage pumps are functioning.

In practice, generally the amount of heat lost by the Hot Tub during the hydromassage isn’t noticeable. As soon as the massage pumps stop, the heaters switch themselves on automatically to regain the desired temperature.

The only time it may be noticeable is if you plan to run the pumps for extended periods, in which case you may wish to consider the 32 amp Hot Tubs.

All our Plug and Play models can be reconfigured to run on a 32 amp supply.

Browse our selection on Plug & Play models here.