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The Life Range – What’s New: Water Purity

By May 26th, 2023News & Events

The Life Range – What’s New: Water Purity

The Life Range – What’s New: Water Purity

All Wellis spas use a multi-stage filtration and sanitation system that ensures crystal clear, safe bathing water with the minimum of user input. The process starts with our special antimicrobial cartridge filters. The low energy eco-circulation pump draws spa water through these filters where any tiny particles are trapped.

The antimicrobial coating then helps to destroy any bacteria that may be attached to the filtered particles, preventing growth and smells and ensuring the filters are easily cleaned and returned to service many times over. Once the spa water has been filtered it passes through the heater and then the eco-circulation pump. Next it is passed through sanitation device that we fit.

Although a spas bathing water can be kept safe by chemicals alone, an electronic sanitation device will greatly reduce the amount of these chemicals that are required, and hence improve the quality of the water for bathers. Every spa we make is fitted with this device: OZMIXTM system.

Our filters ensure the purification of the water several times a day, leaving no dirt on the floor. Our antimicrobial spa filter cartridges are designed to provide an unsurpassed level of leisure water cleansing.


Crystal Clean System

Thanks to the pipe with a diameter of 48 millimeters, the motor circulates more water and does so faster, thus filtering the water more speedily. The new circulation jet has been designed to have 3 zones, where 2 zones are pointed downwards to stir up the sandand dirt from the bottom of the hot tub. The zone in the upper area then directs the water into the filter.

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