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The Life Range – What’s New: Ozmix System

By May 26th, 2023News & Events

The Life Range – What’s New: Ozmix System

The Life Range – What’s New: Ozmix System

During Wellis developments, in the disinfection phase the tests showed that the ozone systems we are using are the most efficient for disinfection. The efficiency of the disinfecting effect can be increased by the mixing of ozone in the water.

To facilitate this, we have created the OZMIX™ system, that proved to be more effective than comparable disinfection systems by adding chlorine and the right amount of ph. Our goal is to find the best possible disinfection mode and reduce the amount of chemicals which are currently in use.

We tested the OZMIX™ system on all the bacterial strains in our hot tubs and, as in the cases above, it performed better than the other disinfection systems. For all bacteria in our hot tubs, the previously used O3 + UV showed more than 4,000 units of bacterium colonies, while after using the ozone mixer, less than half of the O3+UV test results, only a total of 1,500 units of bacterial colonies where indicated.

Experience the benefits of pristine and hygienic spa water with the Wellis Ozmix System. Enjoy a revitalizing and worry-free soak in your hot tub, knowing that the advanced water treatment technology is working to maintain optimal water quality.

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