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The Life Range – What’s New: More Sustainability Processes

By May 26th, 2023News & Events

The Life Range – What’s New: More Sustainability Processes

The Life Range – What’s New: More Sustainability Processes

Instead of long-term visions, a sustainable economy has become part of everyday life at the company. In the last few years, our company has placed increasing emphasis on the elements of the environmental-friendly and sustainable model.

Our efforts are based on two essential pillars: the first one is to optimize our production process, and the second is to educate our customers about energy and water-saving aspects, considering the environmental factors.

Here are some processes which were introduced into the daily life of our company:

• Recycling unnecessary substances with a special shredder.
• Producing abs (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) from recycled plastic
• Using low consumption pumps in spas.
• Various developments in the name of renewable energy, like integrating solar systems into our products.
• Shortening transport routes around the world and coordinating production and sales activities.
• New, energy-efficient hot tub.


Save The Rain Forest

In the process of our manufacturing technology, we pay special attention to environmental awareness, so we completely eliminated the use of wood during the production and replaced it with recycled materials.

This is how we protect our rainforests and nature. In order to achieve the most effective recycling, Wellis is not afraid of technological innovations either.

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