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The Life Range – What’s New: WOW System

By May 25th, 2023News & Events

The Life Range – What’s New: WOW System

The Life Range – What’s New: WOW System

The WOW system is our improved ‘electric water diverter’ which replaces the large manual diverter. Our device fills the same function and comes with a smaller panel with buttons for easy use. The electric water diverter makes for a gentler massage experience due to the fact that after activating it, the speed of the water increases gradually.

Thanks to the automation, we’ve built a new massage experience into the tub: the gradual changing of the direction of the massage every five seconds creates a pulsing effect, providing an even more authentic feeling of a traditional massage.

Concerning the water current, we combined the massage strength of two older-model massage pumps in only one by straightening the pipes and installing the new water diverter. This way, the consumption of energy while in use has been reduced to half the previous amount. Wellis made an energy efficient water diverter, which patent is registered in 152 countries.

Compared to our competitor’s solution, it has 23% higher pressure with approx. 30% less energy consumption. Moreover, we compared it to our previous models, and the results were 75% higher pressure with approx. 41% less energy consumption.

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