Premium Service Package

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Recommended annual service for all Hot Tub owners

The Premium Package includes:

  • Water analysis
  • Control pad functionality check (pumps / lights / heat – all working)
  • Pump-assisted drain down
  • Wet vac clean
  • Filter clean – using specialist filter cleaning agent
  • Hot Tub acrylic surface cleaned
  • Re-fill with fresh water
  • Refitting of filters
  • Chemical / water balancing – using customers chemicals
  • Ensure System is operating as normal
  • Hot Tub cabinets / panels polished
  • Hot Tub cover cleaned and coating of specialist UV protection applied
  • Control pad visual inspection
  • Inspection of filter housing unit
  • Specialist Hot Tub Flush Compound circulated in water
  • Water/Air divertors & drainage valve functionality checks
  • Hot Tub acrylic polished
  • Jets removed, cleaned and inspected
  • Control board, heater and all pumps inspected
  • LEDs and audio components inspected and tested
  • UV / Ozone system, valves & pipework inspected
  • Pipework and joint inspection. Tighten unions if required
  • Rinsing filters and reinstallation into Hot Tub
  • Cover Lifter inspection
  • Cover security inspection – clip condition and functionality
  • Spa steps inspection – safety & condition

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