Spa Chemical Kit


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Our Spa Starter Kit contains the following:

  • Chlorine Granules (1kg)
  • pH Plus (1kg)
  • pH & Alkalinity Reducer (1.5kg)
  • No Foam (1L)
  • Johnsons 4-in-1 Chlorine Pool & Hot Tub Test Strips

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Our Spa Chemical Kit contains the following:

Chlorine Granules (1kg)
Spa Chlorine Granules are rapid dissolving and are specifically formulated to disinfect Spa and Hot Tub water, they have a minimal effect on the pH value of the water. Spa Stabilised Chlorine Granules are ideal for daily disinfection of the water.

pH Plus (1kg)
Spa pH Plus is used to increase the pH balance of the Spa / Hot Tub Water. The correct pH balance is critical to ensure bather comfort and to minimise damage to the fabric of the Spa / Hot Tub. The correct pH balance for Spa / Hot Tub water is 7.4 – 7.6

pH & Alkalinity Reducer (1.5kg)
The correct pH and Alkalinity balance is vital to ensure comfortable bathing conditions, maximum efficiency from the sanitiser and to help maintain the fabric of the spa and hot tub. The correct pH reading should be 7.4 – 7.6 and Total Alkalinity between 80 – 150ppm

No Foam (1L)
Spa No Foam is specifically formulated to remove excessive and unsightly foaming.

Johnsons 4-in-1 Chlorine Test Strips
Johnsons 4-in-1 Chlorine Pool & Hot Tub Test Strips are the easiest and quickest way to test your spa or hot tub water for 4 different chemistries.


For specific product instructions please follow the applicable guidelines on each specific product packaging.


  • Always ensure bathers are out of the water when adding chemicals.
  • Never mix with any other chemicals including cleaning products, weed killers and chlorine products, as a dangerous reaction may occur.
  • Always handle products in a well-ventilated area.
  • Always wash hands thoroughly after handling chemicals.
  • Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated, secure place. Ensure chemicals do not become damp in storage.
  • Instructions and dosages given are a guide to most effective use.



  • This container must not be used or contaminated with any other materials.